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Welcome to learning how to Dance.

Welcome to my page learning how to dance page. I will be showing you some pictures and clips of what i have been through, and where I started. First, a little bit of history about me which is that I am currently enroll at Alabama State University (ASU). And, i am a sophomore, I am originally from Miami,Florida. I started dancing when i was 5 years old. My first dance was in at the YMCA in the gymnasium. me and my sister would always dance battle against each other for fun, but i would say its always me teaching my sister some new moves. i do like flips when i am dnacing and i like to learn new dance moves.Break dancing is something that I have always wanted to do. Now, you may ask is break dancing my talent. I would say yes it is but do I think I could go professional with that talent in life no. the reason why I say that is because even though I do dance I know deep down in my heart out there somewhere in the world. There is always someone better than me. Yes, I have won a couple of dance battles because I always think like that whenever I go into battle with the mindset that I’m going to win or defeat my opponent.

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